Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Subjected friends to several hours of Stargate last night. Laughed a lot. Had a little impromptu girl party, with Eric being very cool and tolerant about it. After all, he is an honorary girl in these instances. We cheated on our diet and ate pizza, but we shared it, which makes the calories not count.

Oh, and after discussing a visit to the old house with Shannon, Heather and Matt on Saturday night, I utterly failed to make it over on Sunday. Really, really sorry guys. I guess I thought we'd agreed that next weekend would be better, and we were having a little crisis around the house, but that's no excuse for not checking my phone... lemme know if you still like us to come by this coming weekend?

Oh, and I'd like to encourage everyone to watch tonight's Daily Show, which will feature John Kerry! Note to self: Gotta listen to what the man says. It's important to actually pay attention to the candidate even after the convention.

And, finally, here it is, your moment of Zen:

Husband (in "fabulous" voice): "Hate the sinner... love the sin!"

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