Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to mention that I tried surfing around LJ yesterday. I looked at my friends list and my friends' friends lists a bit, and ended up rather shaken by a number of depressed and unsettling entries I encountered.

You see, it's like this: if I'm going to expect you guys to read *my* pathos, then I certainly have to have the decency to read yours. But, because of my pathologically empathetic nature, I can't just shake it off and have a productive day if more than one or two of the people I care about are having a tough time.

Here's another thing. When someone announces a personal loss or tragedy on LJ (which everyone does from time to time) it's absolutely barbaric not to respond with a note of sympathy. But doing that in an online format feels terribly impersonal. If someone looses a friend or family member, or even a job or a girlfriend, I just can't feel right about commenting in their journal with a "gosh, that's rough." I'd much rather find out about that from the person's real-life face. I can be properly personal about my genuine sympathy in that kind of situation.

So, in short, I'm trying to learn not to leak emotional energy all over the place, and if that results in some esilence on my part, I hope you understand. I always welcome email contact, phone calls, etc. But it may be awhile before I'm able to get back to reading much of anyone's journals.
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