Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

So, I just calculated my probable retirement situation. I did it pretty conservatively, assuming no defined-benefit assets and no especially high rate of return. Provided I get any social security benefit, I could be looking at 85% of my current salary! Woohoo!

Now, if social security total crumbles, which is entirely possible (and even likely) the number looks closer to 75%, but that's OK. Even taking into account a reasonable rate of inflation, as long as Eric and I can manage to have a mortgage at least 75% paid off by then, that will be enough to live pretty well.

I just have to keep contributing at the current rate, come hell or high water.

On my side: youth and a partner I can count on. OTOH: 35 years is a long time, and New York might be a smoldering crater by then. Ah, well. It's a good thing I'm pretty Type B about life. There's always the castle in the woods, right guys?
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