Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Releasing the past, embracing the now

After quite a few attempts, I cannot get my LJ entries to migrate. I don't believe in signs and omens, but it is arguable that I'd be better off starting here with a clean slate and letting go of all of that angsty stuff. Right now, I am typing with a slightly impaired left arm, as I have both kittens leaning heavily against it. We just got a big box of delicious produce delivered (the oranges were still wonderfully cold from being outside) and I had a really good talk with my father from the rehabilitation center. His hip is healing well. I am trying hard to deeply internalize the good. I want to defeat my brain's negativity bias, and make an effort toward wiring those neural pathways for the better. And to that end, I think it's time to meditate.

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