Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Feels like a homecoming

I'm delighted that there is a small renewal among my friends for use of this platform. I don't imagine this will be the same or even similar to the LJ days, but I am grateful for a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer acquaintances from high school. I feel like the short form style of FB somehow contributes to how contentious and mean it gets over there. I like how an LJ-like environment actually fosters writing, rather than short bursts of rage. And of course Dreamwidth beats Tumblr because, in its own words "We're 100% user-supported, with no advertisers and no venture capitalists to please, and that means we're here for you, not for shady conglomerates that buy up your data and use it in nefarious ways."

I'm going to try to migrate my LJ content now. Wish me luck.

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