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I think I like those Punxsutawney Folks

From the Groud Hog Day 2002 FAQ:

Q. How often is Phil's prediction correct?

A. Phil is always correct!

Q. Really?

A. You bet!

Q. How many "Phils" have there been over the years?

A. One!

Q. C'mon... really?

A. Of course there has only been one Phil. How many Santa Clauses have there
been!?! Every summer the Groundhog Club gives Phil a special elixir called
Groundhog Punch. The punch extends his life for an extra seven years with
each sip.

Q. What is the scientific name for groundhogs?

A. Marmota monax.

Q. Wouldn't "Marmota monax" be a cool name for a rock

A. Yes.
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