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Ragging on Facebook again

I owe LiveJournal a sincere apology for forsaking it for Facebook. That horrible place makes me miserable all the time. I seriously can't look at my FB feed without either seeing something I can't un-see, or getting my hackles up because of someone's Tea Party attitude, or ending up inadvertently fighting with someone. But, see, that's where everyone *is*. I can't help that that's where everyone spends all their time these days.

Dammit. I miss this place. I suppose I perpetuate the problem by not spending my social networking time here, but I just despair of the "social" part of it. There's hardly anyone who regularly reads LJ anymore, and it's depressing to feel like you're howling into a void. But at least, I guess, I could use it for the "journal" part. I kept a paper journal for many years, and never minded that nobody else read it.

Anyway. I'm really sorry, LiveJournal. You are infinitely superior to Facebook, for what it's worth.


Nov. 28th, 2013 05:10 pm (UTC)
My issue with Facebook, apart from their incessant desire to keep deleting my account due to pseudonyms (I won't use my real name on the internet) is the fact that it's just a collection. You get an account, then your whole purpose seems to be to collect friends you don't care about. You can't actually blog there because nobody reads more than 144 characters. And, while you can have drama on LJ, it's way way more prevalent on Facebook.

I have yet to figure out a purpose to Facebook. People keep saying, "but it's the only way to keep in contact with person X". Yeah? How about email? Phone? Texting? If I have something to say to someone, I just to one of the three things above.

"But," They say, "What if you need to tell a whole group of people something?"

I rarely do. But if I need to tell a whole group of people I care about something important, CC them on an email. Really.

"I can keep in touch with high school friends!"

I have no desire for doing that. I left high school for a reason, and anyone from that era in my life I cared about would have my phone number and email.

So what is Facebook for?



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