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Jan. 31st, 2002

Hi, folks. You know, one thing worries me about this LJ business. Ever since I stated keeping one, I've stopped writing in my private, hardcopy journal. I think this is a bad thing. I've kept a journal off and on for about 18 years, and I think it's been good therapy. People have pointed out to me that I could do "private" entries that cannot even be read by people on my friends list. But, frankly, I'm not comfortable with putting my deepest thoughts and secrets online, even if they are extremely well protected.

So I think I need to think of a way to inspire myself to do more paper journaling, too. Maybe a beautiful blank book and lots of colored pens would inspire me?


Feb. 25th, 2002 07:59 am (UTC)
belated suggestions (fairly long....)
so i was cruising through eric's LJ and switched over to yours, since i've talked to him recently but not you. let's see, what's worked for me, journal-wise, is spending the money on a really nice leather-bound journal with high-quality paper in it (which does get expensive), and i happen to really enjoy using a dip pen (currently a turkey feather with a brass nib) and different colors of inks. i recently started carrying the journal around with me, but i can't bring myself to write in something that nice with a *GASP!* _normal_ pen, so i spent $40-something on a fountain pen, and use that. i find that carrying it with me i do write more, and get a more accurate assessment of how i'm feeling in general, since i get the various daily mood changes. i also discovered a much better solution to dropping $50-60 on a journal every time i fill one up (which, fortunately, isn't terribly often) -- this pen & ink shop downtown (uh, downtown Baltimore, that is) sells lovely leather journals that are refillable! basically, the leather part is just a cover, and levenger sells a kind of soft-bound journal for just that sort of thing (check out the stanley journal, if you're interested) that i like. good-quality paper is SUCH a joy to write on!

anyway, ramble over. good luck! >:D

snootles and kisses,



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