Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

You know how I get about things

I've just got the "fannish gene" I suppose. From sci fi TV to carnivorous plants, I get really enthusiastic about the stuff I am into. I've got a new thing to be psyched about: The Horrors!

They are a current (!!!) British band, and their earliest stuff is so much like 80s gothic punk that it almost makes me teary. Here is their debut single... I think it's from 2006. Note that it has strobe lights and is mildly gory. Apparently it was the strobe lights that got it banned in the UK. People were having seizures.

There's a preview of their newest album on their site. It's a little too trance-y and shoegaze-y for my taste, but I still intend to get the album and give it a chance. Sometimes these things seem to get better with repeated listening.
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