February 16th, 2019


Winter Afternoon

We have a dear old friend coming in from Richmond to stay the night. I'm baking bread and making soup for her. As we get older, taking opportunities to socialize becomes more important, because they are so much rarer. I think that is common for most folks, but it's especially true in a town where the population turns over so often. People move on from here, and social groups break down because of it. You have to keep building new ones, and it gets harder as you age.

I don't want to sound gloomy about this. I do a pretty good job of making new friends. I just miss the days when we all lived on the same block and we were in each others' back pockets all the time. I realize that sounds like a nightmare to most people, but to me it's wonderful. I really belong in a commune. I need many times more contact with people than I get.

But for tonight, I do indeed have company coming, so off to bake bread!