Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Packages of randomness

It's that time again. We've come home from our holiday travels with lots of lovely presents, and we need to make room in our house for the new bounty. My craft room is waaaaaay too full of good stuff that I cannot bring myself to throw away. Craft supplies, beads, toys, books, artsy magazines, jewelry... all kinds of stuff I don't need. Stuff purchased as recently as last month, but that I must nevertheless let go.

So if you feel a little ripped off by Santa this year, or would just like to get fun mail, comment here and I will send you some stuff. I'll try to tailor it to what I know of your interests, and you won't get anything I wouldn't be happy to receive myself. You can send your snail mail address to msfenriss at gmail. Happy New Year!
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