June 23rd, 2009



E and I are finishing up with some sort of nasty bug. Unless I am being overly optimistic, I appear to have kicked it pretty fast. If so, I chalk it up to the vastly greater exercise I've been getting lately. I also had my BP checked at the doctor's yesterday, and it's down significantly. With all the meds I'm on (many of them activating), it looked like it was floating up toward the high end of normal, but now it's much better. Hurray for dog walking!

I only have four little beasties to walk today, so I can slide back into my routine after a day off sick kind of slowly. Tomorrow I get to contend with highs in the 90s. Good thing I am part iguana.

On yesterday's train accident, I am very saddened by the loss of life, of course. Naturally, I am relieved that none of my dear ones were involved. Humans just seem to have a hierarchy in our minds, with our loved ones at the top. Even if it was statistically unlikely that any of you were there, I will not apologize for being concerned, nor for being glad you're OK.