May 14th, 2009


Unexpurgated Fangirlish Squee

First and foremost, Trek! Good gods. This movie is a lovingly crafted gift to everyone who’s ever found him/herself thinking “I really love TOS, but how dearly I wish someone could do a little retcon to mitigate the cheesiness and tone down the sexism.” It’s glorious.

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I could go on all day. I haven’t been so eager to turn right around and walk back into the theater since The Empire Strikes Back. I think I’ll see it another 3 or 4 times while it’s still in the theater. Nuff said.

On the subject of Wolverine… I haven’t as much to say, mostly because I was a bit disappointed. It’s not what they did that bugged me (although, couldn’t they have stuck to just one overhead shot of Logan screaming “noooooo”?) so much as what was left out. More than 100 years of character development is glossed over in the time it takes to roll the opening credits. And I admit I went in hoping for a lot of Gambit, as Logan/Remy is my favorite slash pairing in the fandom, but all we got was about 10 minutes. Also, no proper Cajun accent, but a feeble and spotty attempt at something vaguely southern. Foo.

(And, incidentally, if you don’t buy the pairing, here is some spectacular fan art that might help make the case. Safe for work, unless your boss has a problem with fully clothed man-touching. The artist does some incredible, messed up Batman, too. And some Watchmen. Some of that is NSFW if you click through to the images.)

Still, I’ll pay $9 to watch Hugh Jackman stand at a bus stop, so there’s that.

In conclusion, Star Trek ’09 is a shining tour de force, don’t you think?