September 16th, 2008



First morning that feels like September. Time to dig out the SAD lights. I am beginning to get that urge to hibernate. Strangely, though, I am sort of looking forward to fall this year. This summer has been so bright and brutal. Not enough rainy days to offset the heat.

OK, good things.

1. A dear, generous friend has given us an original Xbox on indefinite loan, so I can finally play DDR! I... haven't actually tried yet. E plunked around with the controls a little and we found it sort of bewildering, but I intend to hop on and give it a real good shot this evening. I have every reason to think that once I start getting the hang of it, I'll be hooked. Thanks to boadiccea and rottgrub for turning me on to this about... jeez, a year ago?

2. I have the bug to write. It's weird. Every now and then, I'll just get this hankering to knock together a story or two. When I was in high school, I was told I had an "aptitude" and I made a few weak, little attempts, but I think Writing was too big and scary a venture for someone as fearful and lacking in confidence as I was at the time. Maybe I can do it now. I mean, I can hack together some well received fanfic, so maybe I can do original fic? It wouldn't kill me to try a few exercises, right?

3. I think I am making a friend at my therapy group. I mentioned in group that, in an attempt to hide from election news, I had been eschewing NPR in favor of CDs of Neil Gaiman stories, and she went "ooh!" I totally had not expected any of these people to know who he was, and I already liked this woman a lot.

Kindred spirits in a Universe that is indifferent to our suffering. There aren't many good things that are good'er than that, eh?