August 21st, 2008


Good Things, Including a Happy Meme of Happiness!

1. I've been at this job about 11 months now, and I finally feel like I know the ins and outs of it so well that nothing intimidates me. More than that, I think all of my coworkers and I know and trust each other to the extent that I can kind of relax and drop my defenses a bit. There are enough folks here with just a touch of the freak and (more than just a) touch of the nerd in them that I'm almost (but not quite) at home here.

2. I've been cautiously optimistic about the meds and therapy combo that I'm on for at least a week or so, and now I'm pretty confident. It's working! I mean, it has to be, or how else do you explain a pretty consistently improving mood over the last month? I still have crappy days, but at this point, I don't feel like the Black Dog has got me. (Next challenge; making it through the winter without an episode. Stay tuned. Or, you know, don't.)

3. A meme about happy things!

If you reply to this post with a request for one, I'll give you a letter. Then you have to are welcome to reply with a list of ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. Afterward, (if you would like to) post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

"T" from peregrin8

1. Tarsiers
2. Taffeta (easiest fabric for making lovely gowns!)
3. Tofu
4. Tank Girl
5. Tea
6. The Tell-Tale Heart
7. Triskadekaphilia
8. Tête-à-têtes
9. Thunderstorms
10. Temptation

...and a bonus thing... Tail Tugging! *points at icon*