July 29th, 2008


Three Good Things: Good?

1. It's overcast this morning, contrary to earlier forecasts. I always prefer for it to be overcast in the morning because it makes the transition from my nice, cozy home to the unforgiving outside world a bit smoother.

2. I have seen an adorable baby bunny for several mornings in a row. I suspect her of chewing on my pumpkin vine, but I forgive her on account of she's totally squee-worthy and wee. (and bonus! I have at least one pumpkin getting really big, which is probably well beyond the point of vulnerability to damage by bunny.)

3. The book I got from my therapist on this type of group therapy she wants me to try is very interesting. It's inspiring me to lots of thinkiness, even if I don't buy all of its assertions. Some of the descriptions of emotional dysfunction sound very much like myself, and some just entirely don't. (bonus! I get to go over all of that with Warm, Friendly Therapist on Friday.)

And now, a poll.

I find the "three good things" meme on Fenriss' LJ

Pleasant/Useful. It's refreshing to see some positivity around here
Eh. I skim past.
It's OK, but I wish you'd post more content, frankly.
Irritating. It's just another pointless meme.