July 25th, 2008


This Sunday, Casual Dinner off the Grill!

Greetings, all and sundry. We're looking at a hell of a weekend, so Sunday night dinner is going to be a very laid back affair. We will get at least one (possibly two) grills going, and should be ready to receive guests no later than 5ish. We will just have come from Spooky Book Club, so don't expect a super neat house (as if...)

I'll have veggie burgers and dogs, and some salad-y type offerings. Your contributions are appreciated but not required.

As will be the case with most of these evenings, we need to keep it adults-only. Our house, deck and grounds are marginally safe for adults, much less kids at this point. Sorry about that folks. We hope to host a family-friendly event at some point.

See you then!