June 24th, 2008


Not Kitteh Filter!

Well, OK, sort of.

Babette is home, and much better. This is a total surprise to me, since I figured her age plus her life-long urinary trouble equaled a very poor prognosis. But it turns out that this is a serious but treatable kidney infection. We are giving her antibiotics every morning, and subdermal fluids every night, but she isn't really very bright, so 3 minutes afterwards she's forgotten we were mean and gets snuggly again.

So we've bought her some time. This sort of things always makes me think about the end of Blade Runner. "She won't live. But then again, who does?" We have her today, and that's enough. Thanks again for your concern, folks.

Aaaaaand, just so this is NOT a strictly Kitteh Filter post, here is the Super Cool Thing OTD!.