May 21st, 2008


Missing, presumed fed

Thanks to all for the suggestions about where to take our excess food. It seems that the DC Central Kitchen will accept all food that is sealed and/or has been properly refrigerated. Since everything we had was fresh and cold, I was able to drop off there. Wow, there was a lot! We are scaling back our orders for the rest of the week, but there will probably still be some amount of overflow. If anyone has a specific need for some boxed lunches, etc. let me know. Otherwise, I'll head back to the same place with today's food.
fear lyta

See, I’ll stop being paranoid the day my hysterical suspicions turn out to be wrong

So I’m watching a favorite gardening show and there’s this commercial that just sort of leaves me with the hairs bristling on the back of my neck. Which probably just goes to show what a cynical bunch of soul-dead elitists we liberals are, because after all, it’s such a nice little vignette about being nice to people. I mean, for crying out loud, it’s from a group called The Foundation for a Better Life! What’s gonna be wrong with that?

Well, see, if you check out their FAQ, you’ll find that the Foundation is funded by “a family that wishes to remain anonymous.” But in fact, all you have to do is check Wiki to find that it is actually funded by one Philip Frederick Anschutz, an evangelical Christian, a vocal supporter of anti gay rights legislation, and a wildly successful oil man with a penchant for drilling in protected forests and Native American sites.

This fine citizen, who would like us all to return to a set of beneficial personal values, was named America’s greediest executive by Fortune magazine. He’s also given tons of cash to Colorado for Family Values. Those are the guys whose stated goal is to halt "the militant gay agenda." You’ll remember them for inspiring the boycott on Celestial Seasonings tea in the early 90s.

Wanna know the creepiest part? They have big plans. I’m just all aflutter to hear what this Good News project will bring.