May 15th, 2008


For the Benefit or our own Johnny Slaughter

I am always the last person to learn these things! I just heard that there will be an event to benefit our old pal Johnny tonight at the Palace of Wonders. As most of you know, he was in a very bad accident last year that damaged his leg, and lead to multiple surgeries. He and Charon have been faced with colossal medical bills as a result. If you can possibly make it out, please do so. I'm not sure if E and I can make it, so I am trying to figure out if there is a way to help online. I'll post if I find out.

What would Hank do? He'd be a stand up citizen, and help a guy out!

Word from Charon

OK, I just received email from Charon. Anyone who would care to help out can paypal a donation to Charon at oddangel dot com. She's on the road working, and will not be able to be at the Palace of Wonders tonight, so she's sent a message to be read to the assembly.

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