January 22nd, 2008


Comfort Cooking

Often, in the dead of winter, every Danish corpuscle in my body will start screaming "We haven't put up any food at all! We haven't preserved a single vegetable! We're all gonna die before spring!" And, seeing as I lack the equipment or patience to do proper canning, it generally comes down to refrigerator pickles.

The red jar is turnips and a few beets for color, such as you may have had at Lebanese restaurants. The orange one is a pseudo-Mexican preparation of carrots with red onion and some slices of jalapeños I grew last summer. The yellow jar is a cruciferous concoction of broccoli stems and cauliflower in seasoned rice wine vinegar.

This is the sort of thing I do to get through the winter depression. What about you? Any tricks for enduring the dark months? I can use all the advice I can get.