April 30th, 2007

lusty month of may, Maypole, maypole

Well, will ya look at that. It's less than two weeks!

Time just gets away from you. Let's talk about food, shall we? I need to start compiling a list of what everyone plans to bring, and so far I have no data from anyone.

I'll be providing my standards: tiny pies (probably some mushroom ones, and some cheese filled ones), a medieval Salat of herbs, some additional vegetarian dish, some sort of dessert type thing, and a lot of wine.

Your turn. If you can't commit to the exact dish you'll be bringing, at least give me an outline. Meat or veggie? Savory or dessert? Do you plan to cook, or would you rather contribute to the cheese board? Just give me some idea, so we can make sure we've got a balance.

Also, please remember to bring feast gear. This means some sort of plate or bowl, some sort of drinking vessel, and an eating knife and/or spoon. We won't allow plastic or paper items on the tables (I'm a reasonable woman, but seriously folks, let's try to create an atmosphere!) so please plan accordingly. If you really don't have and cannot acquire anything appropriate, let me know now, so I can try to provide something for you.

Questions? Comments?