July 27th, 2006

She'll Fly True

In the Sweet By and By

Eric’s grandmother’s funeral was today. It was actually quite a lovely service, but I do struggle with the experience of being an outsider from a religious standpoint. The family isn’t overly religious, including the dearly departed, but ministers will talk quite a bit about Jesus if you let them.

I think the part that bothers me is that, in a small way, I really do sort of wish I could believe that we all get to go home to a loving deity when we die. But I can’t ever believe such a thing, so when a guy stands up there telling me about it, I can’t help feeling like a child whose parents are feeding them the story about how the dog has been sent to the farm.

Anyway, they’re good people, my in-laws. I’m glad to know them. And I am grateful to all of you for your kind words of comfort over the last week.
omg yay!

Feeling a bit manic, so here’s a random thought dump

My first yoga class went really well. Just as challenging as it needed to be, without making me feel like a total couch-potato loser. I’m still pretty flexible, and my body still seems to remember a lot of the beginning poses. This will be invaluable to my ability to keep comfortably practicing massage. So, yay.

Torchwood is sounding more and more like a British Angel (warning: goofy UK tabloid site). Not that this is a bad thing, of course, but I hope it retains a distinct flavor, and doesn’t get too derivatively Jossy.

Speaking of which, when Christopher Eccleston says “Buffy” it comes out sounding like “Boo-feh.” Which kind of makes me squee a little.


Tonight: Amazing Screw-on Head!

Also? It’s really hot out there.