June 21st, 2006


Interests and icons

I was just poking around my interests list and thinking how, when read right, it’s almost like a nifty little free-verse poem about who I am and what I like. I really enjoy reading other people’s interests lists, too.

A while back there were a couple of memes that were sort of interesting, but I was avoiding such things at the time so I didn’t do them. Screw that, though. I have no shame anymore. I hereby combine two memes into one:

Look at my LJ interests, and my user pics. Pick one (or one of each, if you like) that you find confusing or intriguing, and comment here. I’ll explain what it means and what makes it significant to me.

Then please post this in your own LJ, if you’d be so kind, so that I can learn about your interests, too.