May 11th, 2006



This coming week is the one leading up to the Beltane event (which deserves it's name less and less as it moves later and later into the month). Today is my only day off this week, and then I work straight through next Wednesday. There are so many things I need to do, but it's gloomy outside and I have a headache.

should I:

take asprin go back to bed for an hour or two?
suck it up and run errands?
throw a tantrum and order Indian food?
lusty month of may, Maypole, maypole

The middle road is best

‘kay, so I took some aspirin, paid a bunch of bills and ran some errands while listening to the Repo Man soundtrack at full blast (which is a little like throwing a tantrum). Shortly, I’ll go out to retrieve Indian food in preparation for an evening of sewing. I might be able to get all (or most) of it done tonight, since I’m not doing a lot this year.

My thanks to all of you who offered your advice. A special thanks goes out to the Devil’s Advocates in my life who opted for the "give Fenriss a kick in the pants" option (I knew I could count on you, grymnir!)