May 1st, 2006


Icky things I have consumed today

You know that place on Broad St. in Falls Church called “Anthony’s Restaurant?” That greasy spoon, that looks like it’s come through a rift in the space-time continuum from the early 70’s? Yeah. If your digestive system needs a good flushing out, I highly recommend you eat lunch there. Violent nausea is virtually guaranteed.

Also, a cola/coffee fusion drink may look to the caffeine enthusiast like a good idea. On paper. But it’s not. Not only is the new Coke Blak completely vile, but it also contains both high fructose corn syrup and Aspartame. Why choose between diabetes and cancer when you could have both?

Intestinal distress aside, life as a massage therapist is still really great. I still can’t believe “they” are letting me get away with this.

*peeks over shoulder, to see if “they” are sneaking up to drag me back to the chilly, florescent-lighted corporate office*