April 4th, 2006

fear lyta

Ready or not...

Just met with HR about my benefits. It seems I have a hell of a retirement nest egg. Bigger than I'd realized, because there is a defined benefit part that I can't look up on line as easily as the 401(k). So that's great news.

I'm elated to be starting my new career. I've got my American Massage Therapy Association lapel pin, I'm buying these cool books on treating various conditions, and I'm totally ready, by all the usual standards. But I am so nervous! I feel like I'm leaving the nest.

I mean, they're taking me to lunch, and being all nice to me and stuff. Suddenly, I'm not so sure I should go. Ack.

Hoo boy

Just deleted over 3,000 old emails. Many of them from as early as 1998. And I've thrown out, given away or recycled about 4 cardboard boxes of papers, books, manuals, etc. The office is looking emptier and emptier. Meep.

OK. Collapse )

Both pictures courtesy of the fabulous mercurialgirl.

Now, for tea.