February 7th, 2006


Lunch. And, of course, study.

I was thinking this might be of special interest to tostita and obscurerichard; The Vegan Lunchbox. The focus is on kid-friendly lunch foods, but I think many of the ideas are nicely adaptable for anyone who has to carry their lunch, and would rather make it meatless. And the pictures are so cute!

In other news, I am painfully weary of studying. Jebus. I am trying to use as many different techniques as possible. I have software that includes QuickTime movie overviews of anatomy, so I can hear and see the material. I'm using the Anatomy coloring book. I'm trying to look at as many pictures as I can (I can hear my instructor, Gaia's voice: "look at pictures, look at pictures, look at pictures!")

But, for me, there is no substitute for writing out notes on the material I read. If I don't go through the process of writing it down, it will never solidify for me. And I write slowly. And my hand hurts.

And I'm cold, and there are wolves after me.

10 days and counting.