January 26th, 2006


The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

'kay, so I was looking around trying to figure out where one can get Kojo Nnamdi's show (does anyone know?) and I stumbled on this happy bit of news. Dude, I can't believe they're making a film of Tristram Shandy!

They say they are counting on nobody having read the book, but I have (ha! take that!) mostly because I understand that Laurence Sterne was a contemporary and possibly a friend of Oliver Goldsmith, from whose brother my family seems to have descended. I admit it's a pretty obscure book, and it's hard to get through because it rambles, but it's so worth it. It is truly a bizarre work. Centuries before Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, Sterne wrote a book of such delightfully absurd humor that hardly anyone read it then, and hardly anyone reads it now, but it's still considered a classic.

It must have been a nightmare for the printers at the time (1760 or so), because it required strange graphical flourishes, unusual characters, and sometimes left pages blank, and put chapters in the wrong order. You could think of it as a convoluted and goofy forerunner of House of Leaves in that way. It's similarly hard to read, and similarly fun.

Anyway, you should go to the NPR link above, and listen to the audio if you're able. They discuss the difficulties in filming certain types of books, and they highlight Naked Lunch (so you Burroughs fans should appreciate it).

Uh. Sorry I'm so prolific this week. I tend to post a lot when I'm stressed. Forgive me?
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Nevermore on February 28th

OK, we (the Arkhams, the boy and myself) have tickets for Tuesday, February 28th at 7:30. We had to act pretty fast because many shows are sold out. If you'd like to join us that evening, go here to buy tickets. It's general admission, so if others want to go, we could meet for an early dinner and try to get seats together. Yay!