December 8th, 2005


Holiday Wishes

The fellow who handed me my Post Express this morning gave me a sincere smile and a "Good morning, sister, have a beautiful day." Yes, I imagine he probably meant it in a Jesusy sort of way, but that does nothing to diminish the lovely effect it had on my mood.

I am feeling significantly better than I have in the last week or two. In light of that, and the holidays and all, I want to post a memeish thing I ganked from my beloved tafkar. It's a way to spread the holiday cheer, and possibly turn something that you don't need or aren't interested in into another person's December joy. I have taken the liberty of modifying it just a little.

Collapse )

That's my wish list. Please post one of your own! This is useless to me unless a bunch of you guys post things so that I can get my holiday jollies surprising you with little things you want. You see, I don't have time to make a bunch of presents for people this year like I had hoped to, and I can't afford to by gifts for each of the 40 or 50 people I'd put on my gift list if I could. So, please participate!

On a loosely related note, could I impose upon you to send me your contact information? I realized recently that I have emails for just about everyone, but I'm low on snail mail addresses, and most of your current phone numbers. So if you are reading this, even if you think I have your snail mail address, please take a moment to send it along to msfenriss at gmail dot com. I'd really appreciate it.

Merry whatnot, and all that!