November 11th, 2005

dark woods

"Well, maybe they need three. I'm Bart Simpson."

It tends to be quiet around here on holidays. E and I both get to work full days today. How annoying.

To cut the drear, here is some unadulterated silliness I made last night while watching the Ghost Hunters marathon on SciFi:

Oh, I kill me.

Hope you are either still in bed, or engaged in some fulfilling activity of your choosing, and not sitting in front of a monitor under fluorescent lights, wondering where the years go.

(Sorry for the obscure Simpsons reference in the subject. I'll gladly jog your memory if you can't recall where it's from.)

Motivation needed

So, it's a "holiday" of sorts, and it's Friday. And I. Do not. Want. To go to the gym after work. In the worst way.

But I should. But I don't wanna. But I should.

Give me a good reason why I should.

Or why I shouldn't, if that's your position.