October 27th, 2005


One more work day

I am antsy. It's only a four day weekend for me, but I've been looking forward to this mini-vacation for months. Tonight, my honey is picking me up from work so we can go "help" Ego Likeness and Cruxshadows load in (which really means we will be observing the process). Very much looking forward to that. But the six hours until then stretch out long before me.

Here are some (mostly seasonal) things that make me happy:

The Big Brew bar at 7-11! With the coffee, hot cocoa, steamed milk and various other additives, there are over 1,300 possible hot beverages! We truly live in great times. The pumpkin spice latte is almost enough to convince me that sugar goes with coffee. OMG, yum.

E and I have gotten hours of entertainment out of the Dracula Legacy Collection. We paid $20 for it, and have been enjoying it for a couple of weeks, one movie or documentary at a time.

Here is an hilarious story, and Halloweeny to boot, by the very talented Amy of Spasms Project fame.

Ooh! and also, the Annotated Poe, for your sp00ky literature pleasure.

There. Those are my best Halloween treats for the moment. Anybody else got any? Keep me occupied, or I will have to do actual work!