June 26th, 2005


Some PG-13ish Icons

It seems that feeling sad and introverted is good for the creativity. Spent a few hours doing Photoshop this weekend. I produced a couple icons, which I think turned out passably well. (I swear, someday I'll make something bigger than 100X100 pixels.)

Since I posted a sort of a femslashy icon earlier, here are two others to "round out the set," if you will.

This is, of course, from the infamous scene in Crash (1996) that made people leave the theater. All the perverse stuff with crash victims earlier was fine, but we can't have two boys kissing, now can we?

I thought this screen cap was especially pleasing, at least partly because of Ballard's thumb on Vaughn's lower lip. Not sure exactly why, but it's compelling.

I wanted to do one of those multi-layered icons with about half a dozen textures and gradients and small text that everyone's so fond of these days. I used this cap because (I kid you not) it was this image that compelled me to read SG-1 fic when I stumbled on it at the Gateworld site. Even having seen the episode, I didn't quite notice the chemistry until I saw this image. Hoo, boy. Of course, most of what I read these days is slash, but I readily admit that the Sam/Jack dynamic can be quite sparky.

I've noticed that my icons often look fine in photoshop, but once they're posted to LJ they look kind of foggy and washed out. I wonder why that is? I'm not actually trying for a fuzzy look. Odd.

Anyway, if you happen to like any of the icons I post, feel free to use them. Just be aware that I will probably also be using them too, so you don't get sole proprietorship.

You can't, like, own an icon, man.