June 7th, 2005

e and me

We are Making Like Kerouac

Apologies for being inaccessible a lot lately. As E puts it, we've been playing "whack-a-mole" with crises of all sorts for about a year now.

As of Thursday, we're on the road to Wisconsin. We'll see if driving is in fact less of a resource-sink and less annoying than flying.

We are the sort of couple for whom "too much togetherness" has no meaning. We truly get more than enough time apart during the 9 hours per workday when it's forced on us. So, feel free to laugh now, but if we come out of this 1400 mile round-trip feeling the same way, then we'll know for sure that we've got a rare and precious thing.

I'm already pretty confident

Will try to post a couple times from the road. Hope you're all well.