May 5th, 2005


Even more random thought dump

There is a woman down the hall speaking French, and I'm happily surprised to find that I understand her. We recently watched a French film, and I was hard pressed to catch every 6th word. Is it because the sound quality wasn't that great in the movie? I do not know. Anyway, my French comprehension is better than I thought yay.

I need a gorram hair cut in the worst way. And I think I'm gonna dip into my pathetic savings account and just get one. My wonderful mother in law cuts it most of the time, but I'd feel hugely guilty to ask that of her right now. And I'd have to give up an evening of sewing and cooking in order to do it. So fug it. Haircut for me. Even though the conveniently close salon refuses to make it dykey enough for my liking.

My beloved boy grommeted things for me last night while I cooked, so progress was made!

And my fandom girlfriend is coming to see me! And even though she probably is under the impression that she gets to, like, do the job they are sending her here to do, and possibly see other friends as well, she is mistaken! She's all mine, and none of you can have her!

OK, that's not true. She'd never stand for it. You can have her for a little while. I guess.

willow cage

Apparently that last thought dump didn't take…

It's Cinco de Mayo today. Now I want a big spicy plate of carbs and saturated fat. Sigh.

Also, lots of online fen are all squeeing about getting to see the Serenity sneak preview tonight. We hates them.

And I'm punchy and restless and don't wanna be sitting here proofreading. I wish someone would make an amusing typo in their listing like they did last year. OMG, the funny. I hurt myself laughing.

Gah. Somebody say something entertaining!

Hack, chop!

Wheee! I have cool hair again! (Look, I haven't posted in a week, so I'll post 3 times today if I wanna.)

I'm feelin' good, because I would not be pushed around by the hairdresser. Here's an artist's rendition of how the conversation went:

Vapid wench: Oh, I'll give you a cute wedge! It's very trendy, and, you know, larger women need something to frame their faces…
Me: Nope. Short and spiky.
Vapid wench: OK, I'll go a little shorter, but men really prefer long hair on women.
Me: Do I look like I care what men prefer? Chop it.
Vapid wench: OK, how's this?
Me: Shorter!
Vapid wench: But…but… don't you want to look like the vapid wenches on the reality shows?
Me: Ahhhhhh! I *keel* you! Die! Die!

OK. I totally made that whole thing up. But I really did stand up for myself, and make her cut it much shorter when she stepped back and looked pleased with the freakin' trendy-ass wedge she'd given me. Gah!

So I'm short and spiky now. Yay!