March 23rd, 2005

willow cage

Not the fun kind of "rut" either.

My beloved fandom girlfriend recently got a job in the LA area doing stuff she loves. She's got no time for goofing off or surfing, and the hours are terribly long. But she gets into projects that are so engaging, she loses track of time. I really, really envy that.

Did two massages back-to-back last night. I remember now that I really enjoy that. If I could get off my butt and go through the tedious, painful process of certification and licensing, I could be out of my current livelihood rut before the end of summer. I really could. I've got the house, the fantastic , supportive husband, and all the stability I need to make a change. What am I afraid of?

Gaaaaaaah! Maybe it's because I have Friday off. I can barely sit still. I've got sewing and crafting and baking to do. I've got gardening to start on, and a whole attic full of boxes to dig through. Good gods, I can hardly think of anything less inspiring to spend my waking hours on than proofreading and making tiny javascript edits.

Will somebody please say something interesting?

Women and guns

Also, it's astounding to me how hung up and prudish lots of people are. There's this MeFi thread about a site that chronicles images of women with guns. Neat! I mean, I like looking at women, and I particularly like images of especially tough, empowered women.

Guns = power, of a sort. I don't particularly want to see images of violence, but then the mere presence of a firearm is not equivalent to violence, is it? I can rip a page out of this book about mutual funds I've got right here, and use it to slit someone's throat. But I'm not going to. I mean, a picture of a woman holding a gun could be emblematic of something as wholesome as a mother protecting her child. Yet all these otherwise rational MeFites are insisting that it's ugly and violent and awful. Are these same folks as alarmed by pictures of men with guns?

Seriously. I wish people would lighten up.

Uh. Yeah.

How many times can I post today before ya'll get irritated with me?

Women (or rather, woman) with fake guns

The good revfish has been posting a lot of old pictures, inspired by ericrowe's recent trip down memory lane. You should go to their journals and poke around. It's really mind blowing to think we were ever that young.

But, while we're on the subject of women with guns, this series includes a shot of me waving around a fake one, at the Zone LARP (at a CastleCon, IIRC). Back in the days when you could carry a vaguely realistic looking fake firearm at a hotel, and not have a five block radius immediately locked down.

Back in the days when I was about 50 pounds lighter. But I wouldn't trade my current life for that body, plus a big, honkin' jackpot. For all my bitching, I am a very lucky girl.