March 22nd, 2005


Important Beltane info

Ugh. OK, I've got this event to run, so I figured I'd pimp it here, since it's going to be the primary topic in this journal for a bit.

We're having our (roughly) 13th annual Beltane event at The Land Celebration this year. (At least I think it's 13th. I believe it was 1992 when Jennifer W and I started doing the camping-out events, and that's where I'm counting from. The holiday itself, of course, is far older, but let's not split hairs.)

If you're anywhere near the DC area and think you'd like to attend a relaxed, medieval feasting and camping event on the weekend of May 13th-15th, go here and sign up. I'll need to approve you, but I'll do that directly (provided I like you, of course.)

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