March 17th, 2005


i r a snake!

I think I've pimped my buddy chadu here before, but not in quite some time. He's a fabulous game designer, whose RPG system, Dead Inside, E and I were honored to play test. You should stop by good 'ol Something Positive to see the cool ad Randy drew for Chad's game Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot.

I confess that I neglected to wear green today. But you know what? I'm a Pagan. And, in case you didn't know, those "snakes" Patty was driving out were euphemistic snakes (note cheezy icon, thrown together in Paint). Mind you, I'm delighted for a day in which to listen to the Pogues and celebrate the richness of Irish culture. And while I might prefer to do it on Brigid's Day, I don't suppose I'm going to be convincing the crew to move our annual pub crawl to Imbolc. So I'll go have a pint at Iota tonight, in the spirit of inter-faith fellowship.


I guess I could leave early, huh? Just a tiny bit? There's a party downstairs on my way out of the building, and a pub crawl waiting for me at the other end of the Metro. *sobs* I feel like Cinderella.

Oh, well. 15 minutes to go. Here's a pic of me huggin' my Allie. Yay, Airy Girl!