March 10th, 2005



Hrm. Haven't been terribly inspired with the icons lately. E and I have subscribed to an online tech book service, though, so I'll be able to access lots of information on Photoshop. Just as soon as I have some time to sit in front of my PC for awhile, I'll be churning out some more interesting stuff. (I'm thinking early 2008, probably.)

For now, here's a pretty straightforward Bob the Angry Flower icon for rimrender.

In other news... Gah! I don't want to proofread. I don't want to make collections calls to deadbeats. I don't want to be here when there are so many more interesting things I could be doing.

Someone say something entertaining. Or something! I may be dying of boredom.

(Not doing a very good job of "impassively observing the discomfort," am I? Grumble.)