March 1st, 2005

e and me


The hated month is vanquished, and now it's March. I love March. It's remarkable how much better I feel than a mere ten hours ago when it was still February. I was a spring baby, and you can have my Goth Card, because it is by far my favorite season of the year.

March is also a significant month for the H and me, and I am moved to tell a little tale about that. Scroll on by if you'd rather be spared the sentimentality.

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Gotcher icons here

Knocked out a few icons lately. Here's one for deegenerate. The interest is Ed Wood. It was a lot of fun to make.

Hope you like it, hon. I eventually wanna try to do a "dharma punx" one for you, too.

I'm rather fond of this one, for fiatluxchris:

He lacks an interest list, so I just went with what I know of him. Thanks for your wisdom, Chris. E and I really benefit from knowing you.

So, I've got one in the works for rimrender and one I intend to do for eac to make up for the crappy Bowie one I made her back when I was still using GIMP. Anybody else want one? I'm even willing to do requests, although I reserve the right to take artistic license, as well as to take as long as necessary to get it done.

Also, Trudeau nails it. Interesting times.