February 11th, 2005


Cautious Optimism, Befitting a Friday

I am loathe to announce that I've beaten the Februaries (feels like bad luck to say such a thing) but I'm certainly in higher spirits than earlier this week. One reason may be my planned visit on the morrow to a promising looking Japanese grocery. I'm so stoked. Umeboshi plums for me! Another reason might have something to do with 12:00 this AM, but... this is a family show :)

Then we get to go see the wonderful godbaby. Oh, how I love her (indeed, she's threatening to exceed science fiction and politics as my favorite point to harp on in this journal.) It seems more and more like I may be a lifetime "professional aunt" so I figure it's OK for me to be a very doting one.

The thing about Morrigan? Is that she is willful. I mean, really. We took one look at her chart when she was born, and knew we were in trouble because she is triple fire. Sun, moon and ascendant. I've got a lot of fire in my chart, too, but I am like a flashlight in the sun next to the Little Bird.

Also, she's a System Lord :)

Ohhhhhh, Spring. You can't hide from me. I can smell your approach.

Also the streets are paved with chocolate, and it snows methamphetamine

Gaaah! Why does all the good stuff happen in California? Bauhaus is playing at a festival in Coachella Valley. Thanks a lot for the heads up, translucent_eye.

Bloody hell. So unfair. The best Middle Eastern Dance scene in the US, the best and most numerous vegetarian restaurants, and now Bauhaus.

(Wanna guess what I'll do to the first person who tells me I should move? Maaaaaybe something good, maaaaybe something bad. Try me. Make my day.)