January 27th, 2005


An Announcement

I never truly believed this day would come, but the need to continually produce fresh sentient alloys is at an end. There can be no doubt. All the phosphorescences are pulsing in tandem. All the signs are there.

Frankly, I am almost glad of it. It's just too heavy a burden to catalog all our successes and failures, and continually find new directions for the project. And my chiropractor thinks all the threshing is causing me to develop tendonitis of the nth pseudo pod.

But what does all this mean to you? It means that you're hereby released from your obligation to collect those spores we discussed. I know you've spent countless nights refining your sensory organs and honing your extraction methods, so perhaps this isn't so much a relief as a bit of a disappointment. But the times are changing, and I hope you can adjust.

Updates as events warrant.

(no subject)

You know, I generally avoid LJ memes because they're almost always a lame substitute for actual content. But consider this: if you are compulsively, knee-jerkily opposed to ever joining in on an activity because you don’t want to be perceived as a joiner, you might run the risk of being perceived as humorless.

I really got a kick out of writing something random (but which I hope would hold together with a surreal sort of logic) and making an icon to go with it. I was sort of hoping today would help pull some folks out of the winter depression that's been widely complained about around here.

I'm feeling pretty disheartened.