August 24th, 2001


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Hurray! Eva will be here this weekend! She's primarily here to look at wedding sites, so the only way I get to see her is to run around looking at sites with her. This is quite agreeable to me, of course. So far, this planning-a-wedding business is very pleasant.

I'm looking at an intense work day, but I feel pretty good about it. The book I edit is coming together quite well (it looks like we've had another record year for revenues). Also, we're trying to put together an updated Retirement Plans training course to incorporate all the new legislation that's come down the pipes this year. I guess it's technically creative work since I get to do a lot of writing. It's not exactly the most scintillating subject matter, though.

Why won't someone pay me to cook vegetarian meals, do some mediocre gardening and sit around being witty? That's what I'm really qualified to do.
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