August 6th, 2001


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I think about 40% of the entries I write in my private, paper journal are written on Mondays. This is probably because I feel most disconnected and grumpy Monday mornings, and writing is often a good way to cope with such feelings.

Something else occurs to me: since I started this journal, quite a few of my friends have said things like "I could never have a live journal, because I hate the thought of posting anything meaningful to me in a public forum." I wonder what percentage of live journal writers are therefore highly extroverted types? Speaking personally, I've always been an open book about almost everything. When people ask me how I'm doing, I'm likely to tell them in detail. For the most part, the only matters I keep to myself are ones that affect other people. I'm pretty good about keep other people's secrets, because they aren't mine to give away, you know?
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