August 1st, 2001


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So, I'm on a bellydance mailing list, and somehow the subject of so-called "political correctness" came up. Heavy sigh. So I responded with my usual brief statement about what a load of right-wing crap the whole "PC" thing is, offered a link to one of my favorite progressive websites on the subject, and announced that I (for one) would not be pursuing this any further on a dance related list, fer khrist sake.

The bad news is, the woman who first brought the whole thing up responded with "sorry, honey, but it really is the liberals who are to blame." The good news is that one other dancer emailed me privately to thank me for not instigating a flame war, and for posting the link; she intended to pass it on to others.

And I calmly declined to rise to the misguided idiot's bate, concluding that if I had gotten the message through to one person (and her pals) then my work was done. I let the misguided idiot have the last word. Are you proud of me?
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