Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I could get used to camping events where I'm not in charge

Playa del Fuego was fabulous! I think most of you would absolutely love it, although a few of you might be put off by all the naked hippies. But really, every variety of freak and eccentric was in evidence, and it just felt so great! I told E that it was pleasantly disorienting to see those little indicators (freak-shade hair color, tattoos, piercings, etc.) that mean "I must know that person" at every turn. It was like being with a thousand of my closest friends.

Among the highlights was the naked slip-and-slide. I've never seen so many happy, naked people before, and the dramatic variety of shapes and colors of humanity was incredibly beautiful. During the actual burn itself, I got to be a part of the drumming orchestra that accompanied the dancing. Overall, it was a really wonderful experience.

I must thank cyntergomes for all her infrastructure work. The twelve foot pretzel tent that functioned as chill space, and the frikkin' shower she built for the camp were amazing. Also, she was kind enough to let us roll out early to avoid the rush, which meant she got left with the final clean up, for which I am grateful and somewhat remorseful. I owe you, hon!

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