Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Beware Wolves Bearing Gifts

First, a virtual treat that you might want to save for that interminable Friday afternoon, when the clock just won't move. Two very uncommon games by Amanita Design; Samorost and the free version of Samorost 2. These are the most imaginative puzzle games I've ever seen in all the interwebs. Apparently they've won a number of prizes over the last few years. Big fun.

Secondly, as we are moving toward the dark side of the year, I am once again feeling the urge to eliminate stuff. Boy, have we got a lot of stuff. A few years ago, I offered random packages of randomness, and about 15 or so of you expressed interest. I think it's time to do it again. So comment here if you would like to receive in the mail your own lovingly assembled package of… well, stuff. Something. I will do my best to throw in some items that speak to your interests as I understand them, but it will be pretty random. I'll need your snail mail address, so feel free to email it to msfenriss at gmail. Just make sure you also comment here so I can keep track of who's on the list.
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