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My boss is great. She's taught me a lot about what she describes as "business sense." If nothing else, I will certainly walk out of this organization with a MUCH greater sense of how to run a timely project. I would mention her by name here, and sing her praises, but I've learned not to be so overt on LJ from the unfortunate experiences of others. She knows who she is, and she r0x0r5!

Also, I get to move into a bigger, nicer office in the next couple of weeks. Yippee!

It was a good weekend, but no snow, dammit. Why does DC always get passed up weather wise? Snow to the south of us and snow to the north of us. No snow here. Bleah. Ah, well. I can't complain too much, I suppose. I am, after all, marrying a prince of a man, blessed with two of the sweetest cats in the world, plus I'm pretty handy in the kitchen to boot. Life is good.
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