Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Good Things

1. I have reconnected with the Unitarian church I went to as a kid. My Dad wisely took me there so that I'd have more community in my lonely life, and some kind of shelter from the horrible Christian kids that gave me a hard time for not going to church. Anyway, the best thing about this is that they have Buddhist groups most nights of the week. I am thinking of starting to go there for group sitting on Mondays and/or Wednesdays. Anyone interested? peregrin8? Anyone?

2. We are likely to get a lot of rain this week. Or that's what they're saying. I suppose I'll believe it when I see it, since they're usually wrong.

3. There's supposed to be a new episode of Mythbusters on Wednesday.

I am really tired this morning. Somebody tell me something exciting, or startle me, or something?
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