Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Three good things OTD

Rough day. Which is why this exercise is all the more important.

1. In 29 hours I get to have my first weekend in almost two months that is largely free of obligations. I will clean my house and sleep and read. Sunday dinner is a possibility, although it hinges on a couple of things. Watch this space.

2. I have therapy both tonight and tomorrow night, and will be able to scream and cry if I need to.


We watched most of My Neighbor Totoro last night, which mitigated my rage at having the new episodes of Mythbusters preempted 85 fscking minutes before the first one was to air!!!!

Um, yeah. So that helped. I played around with the above image and created the icon above in Picknik. That was sort of fun. On preview, I don't like the white space around it, so I'll probably tweak it later.

Anybody else have three good things to share? Or even just one?
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